Workplace Ergonomic Webinars –
improving health and productivity for Health Care, General Labor and Office Sectors

Ergonomic webinars meet WorkSafe BC criteria for Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention (MSIP) programs and are designed to provide comprehensive information to Health Care, General Labor and Office sectors to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  1. Review strain injury statistics.
  2. Identify strain injury causes, symptoms and treatment.
  3. Profile the 4 P’s of ergonomics (planning, pacing, prioritizing, posture).
  4. Review awkward postures most likely to cause injury and learn proper body mechanics for a variety of tasks.
  5. Profile movement techniques and ergonomic equipment designed to reduce worker injury.
  6. Learn specific exercises and fitness options to prevent and treat workplace injuries.


Health Care

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General Labour

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Injury Prevention

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