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Mixed Signals: Connection to Technology is Disconnecting Child Development and Learning


30% of children entering the school systems are developmentally delayed, and 15% of elementary children have a diagnosed mental illness. As the “gap” widens, printing, reading and math literacy become unachievable for many children. Child behavior diagnoses escalate as child aggression creates significant classroom management issues. Why? Elementary aged children use an average 7.5 hours per day of entertainment technology, with over 75% of children having unrestricted technology in their bedrooms. Sedentary, isolated, overstimulated, sleep deprived, and often neglected, new millennium children struggle to pay attention and learn. 1 in 11 children are now addicted to video games, pornography, texting or social networking. Children with technology addictions are increasingly referred to pediatric teams to treat conditions associated with low tone, poor coordination, sensory or self dysregulation, or behaviour disorders. Often misdiagnosed, these children’s primary condition of technology addiction is not being recognized and treated. Schools are creating Virtual Classrooms, and homes are creating Virtual Families, further alienating children from essential human connection and attachment that is the basis for all learning. Children are our future, yet choices made today raise the question: are children no longer sustainable?


Mixed Signals raises awareness regarding the damaging impact of technology on child development and academic performance, and provides assessment and intervention tools and techniques to manage balance between activities children need for growth and success with technology use. Balanced Technology Management initiatives are provided for clinics, schools, homes and community settings to create ’sustainable’ futures for all children.

Learning Outcomes

  • Relate current technology research to child physical, mental, social and academic impairments.
  • Explore the effects of media violence and cyberbullying on child aggression behavior.
  • Recognize parent, teacher, therapist and physician trend to diagnose and drug child behavior.
  • Evaluate technology use parameters using the technology screen and professional guidelines.
  • Implement balanced technology management and apply clinic, school and home reduction strategies.

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