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Why Can’t Children Sit Still? : Using Movement and Nature to Enhance Attention and Learning


Critical factors for enhancing child development and learning are movement, play and nature, yet children everywhere continue to escalate use of sedentary, indoor technologies. Attention restorative environments such as “green space” have been shown to significantly reduce adhd symptoms, and movement and play shown to improve mental and physical health and grades. Yet school and community lack of funds, and fear of litigation, have dramatically changed how children access outdoor movement and play. Resources that used to go toward school playgrounds are now diverted toward technology, and recess is now comprised of texting, video games, facebook and porn. Restricting child movement, play, and nature, while escalating use of unrestricted technology, has resulted in classroom chaos, and children who can no longer pay attention and learn.


CD-L – Attention and Learning: Why Can’t Children Sit Still? The Importance of Movement and Play for Attention and Learning

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Why Can’t Children Sit Still raises awareness about the importance of movement, play, and nature in the everyday lives of our children and home and school, and how sensory and motor components found in movement, play, and nature actually promote not only physical and mental health, but also attention and learning ability in children.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify critical neurobiological factors important for attention and learning ability.
  • Evaluate current research on the impact of movement, play and nature on attention and learning.
  • Recognize how dwindling resources and fear of litigation limit achieving critical factors for development and learning.
  • Apply movement and nature initiatives in school, home and community to enhance attention and learning.


Development and Nature Directives
Schools Operating Safely – Child Behavior Management Policy/Procedures
Building Foundations/Virtual Futures Diagrams

Evidence based – Research referenced – Strategy focused

Creator and Speaker

Webinar creator Cris Rowan is a well-known speaker and author to parents, teachers and clinicians throughout North America in the field of sensory integration, motor development, learning enhancement and the impact of technology on children’s neurological development. Cris has Bachelor of Science degrees in both Occupational Therapy and in Biology and is a SIPT certified Pediatric Sensory Specialist. Cris is CEO of Sunshine Coast Occupational Therapy Inc. and Zone’in Programs Inc. offering workshops/webinars, training, and consultation services to enhance child development, behavior and learning.  Cris is a prolific writer creating the Child Development Series Newsletter, Moving to Learn blog, Unplug – Don’t Drug peer reviewed publication, 10 Reasons to ban handheld devices in children under 12 viral Huffington Post article with 7.2 million “likes”, as well as her first book Virtual Child – The terrifying truth about what technology is doing to children. Cris is a member of the internationally renowned Institute for Digital Media and Child Development and the Children’s Screen Time Action Network – Screens in Schools Committee.

Cris Rowan

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Parents, teachers, administrators, special education staff, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, physical therapists, counsellors, physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and child care providers.  Child Development Webinars are designed to be introductory level for therapists, intermediate for teachers and advanced for parents, child care workers and teaching assistants.

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CD-L – Attention and Learning: Why Can’t Children Sit Still? The Importance of Movement and Play for Attention and Learning

Cost $99

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