Ergonomic Service Profile



Sunshine Coast Occupational Therapy Inc. offers you three consultants to assist your work place achieve optimal mental and physical health and maximal productivity. Our occupational therapist Cris Rowan has over 10 years experience and up to date information on workplace injury and ergonomic modifications to provide your work place with accurate, efficient and effective solutions. Our productivity consultant Ian Thomas has over 20 years experience working with multinational organizations in an executive role. He will provide your workers with specific information regarding the individualistic components of productivity, and subsequent tools to increase work place output. Our health and fitness consultant Cheryl Metz has over 25 years experience motivating people to attain optimal health and fitness. She will assist your employees to determine a reasonable fitness plan and identify a path toward wellness. Please refer to biography section for additional specific information regarding our consultants. We offer a variety of service combinations to suit your workplace and employee requirements. We see individuals on a one to one basis, as well as provide group workshops for a variety of work sites.

Workplace Ergonomics


Referrals are accepted by parents, family, schools, employees, employers, WCB, ICBC, DVA, hospitals, treatment centers, physicians and specialists and will be wait listed according to particular client’s specific needs. Please see below a list of relevant data and necessary forms required for intake.

Type of assessment(s) a client requires will be determined by referral information sent by referral source, and initial observations of client by therapist and/or consultant. Please refer to assessments for a complete listing of the type of occupational and physical therapy assessments provided by Sunshine Coast Occupational Therapy Inc.

Subsequent treatment may be in the form of direct occupational and/or physical therapy, consultation, training, team meetings, workshops, or affiliate referral. Please refer to affiliates for additional information regarding affiliate referral. Following initial assessment, our therapists will meet with you (and client’s team if requested) to review treatment recommendations and plan further intervention. Treatment duration will be determined in conjunction with referral source (parent, teacher, employer etc).

As Sunshine Coast Occupational Therapy Inc. is an evidence based service, ongoing evaluation by therapist, in conjunction with discussion with referral source will determine treatment cessation.

Ergonomic Referrals: please send all relevant medical reports in conjunction with the following form and fax or mail to us.
  • Referral to Occupational Therapy

    Individual Ergonomic Assessments
    An individualized ergonomic assessment by our occupational therapist would involve analysis of presenting injury and treatment, job task delineation (frequency, severity and intensity scales), determination of work habits, body mechanics and posture of worker, and job station analysis. Specific ergonomic equipment and workplace modifications, affiliate referral and fitness prescription will also be provided at this time.

    Group Ergonomic Presentation
    For information on the "Group Ergonomic Presentation", please refer to the workshops page.

    Service Duration Cost
    Individual Ergonomic Assessment
    Follow-up as requested by employer

    2.5 hours
    1 hour


    Individual Ergonomic Report and Recommendations
    As requested by employer.

    1.5 hours


    Travel costs will be added for worksites outside of Sechelt, BC area.